AirPhysio OPEP Mucus Removal Device For COPD Symptom Relief/Treatment Launched

AirPhysio, an award-winning airway cleaning and mucus removal device has been launched. The device significantly reduces the symptoms of COPD and other chronic lung diseases naturally, and helps patients with lung issues breathe easily.

Life Wellness Healthcare has launched a new lung capacity expansion device, AirPhysio. The new device is drug-free and uses OPEP (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure) to clear mucus from air passages. It helps in the treatment and reduction of COPD symptoms, including chronic coughing, wheezing, excess sputum, and shortness of breath.

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The launch of AirPhysio aims to provide the healthcare market with a reliable Australian product that relieves the symptoms of mild to severe lung diseases without excessive medication. Among other benefits, AirPhysio causes air molecules to vibrate, supporting the body’s natural mucus clearing process in patients suffering from chronic lung disease or COPD.

COPD is a disease caused by the destruction of air sacs at the end of air passages in the lungs. The disease causes chronic cough and may lead to other severe medical conditions, including musculoskeletal disorders, lung cancer, heart disease, and depression. The treatment of COPD may contain a variety of medications that have a wide range of side effects and allergic reactions.

Because the AirPhysio breathing device does not contain any chemical components, using it doesn’t subject the patients to side effects or allergic reactions. It is a safe alternative to COPD medication and can be used as a breathing exercise machine to improve lung capacity.

The device relieves a severe cough within just two days. It also reduces the volume of fluid within the lungs, preventing severe coughing and facilitating respiration.

The AirPhysio device has been featured on Australian TV as an internationally award-winning device. The device is also used to strengthen the lungs, making it suitable for athletes and deep-sea divers. Additionally, it comes in multiple sizes and distinct features depending on the purpose of use and is safe for children, adults, and the elderly.

A spokesperson at Life Wellness Healthcare states: “This drug-free handheld device is used in the treatment and preventative therapy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It can prevent pulmonary complications in patients after surgery by facilitating secretion mobilization, preventing atelectasis, and increasing lung volume of patients.”

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