AirPhysio OPEP Breathing Device For At-Home Emphysema Symptom Management Launch

Life Wellness Healthcare has announced a store expansion to cater to the needs of customers with emphysema. This is one of the diseases that comprises COPD, and its symptoms can be managed with the cutting-edge AirPhysio device.

The AirPhysio is available now as part of the store expansion, and customers can order individual products or multipacks. Children’s versions of the device can also be found online, making it suitable for customers of all ages.

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Studies show that around 3.5 million Americans are currently living with emphysema. Symptoms tend to develop over time, and lung tissue is gradually damaged. Following the latest move from Life Wellness Healthcare, customers are able to take daily action to overcome the main issues.

When emphysema causes lung tissue damage, the air sacs can rupture. Over time, breathing becomes more difficult and sufferers may experience shortness of breath. Another noticeable side effect is a buildup of mucus in the lungs.

The AirPhysio is an award-winning device that is used around the world to manage lung conditions more effectively. It’s most commonly used for asthma and COPD, and can effectively improve breathing for those with emphysema.

Customers are advised to use it in combination with medication, which targets the inflammation, while the AirPhysio dramatically reduces mucus buildup. The device achieves these results through all-natural vibration resulting from oscillating positive expiratory pressure.

During this process, the vibration causes mucus to rise to the top of the lungs. Once here, users can more easily expel it to relieve pressure and improve breathing.

Life Wellness Healthcare is an online store that was created to provide direct help to those with breathing difficulties. The team brings innovative products to the market and offers access to some of the most effective devices available.

In addition to the AirPhysio itself, customers can also buy disposable filters. These attach to the device and remove 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

A recent customer said: “This is the first time in my life that my lungs feel healthy. I bought the AirPhysio because I was at my wits end with constantly getting bronchitis and pneumonia. It has helped me with expelling phlegm from my lungs naturally.”

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