AirPhysio Lung Expanding Device – Atelectasis Natural Relief Product Launch

Life Wellness Healthcare, an online health store, announces the launch of AirPhysio, a portable, all-natural lung cleansing and strengthening device. This innovative product is available to all U.S. residents.

Using AirPhysio is a safe way to exercise lungs and is scientifically proven to clear mucus naturally. The mechanism improves lung expansion and unblocks the airways increasing airflow. Because the new device functions to increase lung strength and capacity, it is an effective solution for those suffering from atelectasis.

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With this latest announcement, Life Wellness Healthcare continues to provide its customers with the best options for their health needs, especially those dealing with acute or chronic respiratory issues.

Atelectasis is a condition where the lung has partially or completely collapsed. This generally occurs unilaterally. A section or the total lung deflates to where there is no exchange of air. Among some of those who suffer from this infirmity are the elderly, smokers, swimmers, deep-sea divers, and athletes.

The AirPhysio device is non-invasive and quick and simple to use – all that is needed is five minutes, 1 to 3 times a day. It is compact and portable and does not use batteries or need refills. The breathing apparatus has won international awards for the best product and is manufactured in Australia.

The Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) generated by the gadget has a clearing impact on mucus in the lungs. The vibration loosens the bond of mucus to the airway walls. The positive pressure assists in pushing the mucus up and out.

The device can be used in instances of acute illness, or as a preventative measure in respiratory physiotherapy.

About Life Wellness Healthcare

The Life Wellness Healthcare company was created to meet the needs of people who suffer each day from debilitating respiratory diseases. Its mission and goal are simple – to help people breathe again.

A relieved customer says: “This product works really well for my wife. Her left lung collapsed years ago, and because of that she has a persistent cough and gets pneumonia easily. This product helps to get all the mucus out of her lungs. It was recommended to her by a Pulmonologist at the UCLA Medical Center.”

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