AirPhysio Asthma Breathing Device – Symptom/Mucus Management Product Relaunched

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Life Wellness Healthcare has relaunched the AirPhysio device on its online store to cater to the demand from those affected by asthma. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and can be effective at managing symptoms for 99% of those with respiratory issues.

Following the relaunch, customers can order the award-winning device for themselves or their family with multipacks. A specially designed children’s version of the device is also available for those over the age of five.

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Asthma affects approximately 25 million Americans and can cause bronchoconstriction, inflammation of soft tissue, and excess mucus in the lungs. The relaunched AirPhysio is highly effective at reducing mucus buildup using oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP).

Its OPEP technology creates a natural process where the body’s own mucus-clearing system is triggered. Through the vibration, the bond of the mucus is reduced, and the substance gets pushed up to the top of the lungs. From there, it can be more easily expelled.

Life Wellness Healthcare explains that the AirPhysio device is suitable for children, adults, and seniors. It’s also effective when used by athletes, musicians, and singers needing to maximize oxygen intake to enhance their performance.

After just five minutes of use, customers can immediately feel the improvement in their breathing. This makes it especially useful for those dealing with respiratory issues that negatively affect their daily lifestyle.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that limits the activities sufferers can pursue during the day. By managing symptoms and controlling the condition, customers are able to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Symptoms include wheezing, a feeling of breathlessness, and tightness in the chest. Those affected by asthma are also more likely to experience intense coughing. Asthma often gets worse at night and can be especially troubling during an attack.

Life Wellness Healthcare is committed to making life easier for asthma sufferers and customers with breathing difficulties. A wide variety of products is available on the online store, including spacers, spirometers, and filters.

A recent customer stated: “This is the first time in my life that my lungs feel healthy. AirPhysio has helped me with expelling the phlegm from my lungs naturally. When I do the breathing treatment, I feel 100% better.”

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