Airdrie AB Spray-On Roof Coating Best Commercial Liquid Membrane Service Expands

Airdrie-based Second Generation Exteriors (403-826-6560) has expanded its business to provide roofing coating services using the Turbo Set spray system. The new system saves time and is a cost-effective spray-on roof coating for commercial buildings in the Calgary Region.

Second Generation Exteriors leverages its years of experience in commercial roofing to provide a more efficient service using a system that significantly reduces the duration and turnaround of roof coating projects. Its expansion into the new Turbo-Set system will provide a competitive alternative to complete roof replacements, which are often costly and painstaking.

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With this expansion, customers in Airdrie and Calgary will benefit from a new roofing system delivered by a fully trained professional team. The company prides itself in its quality service delivery and has built a strong reputation as one of the top roofing companies in Alberta.

Turbo-Set is a new liquid-applied coat spray system that hastens drying and curing time. The system offers advantages such as reduced labor costs, better single-coat performance, and improved water resistance. Turbo-Set requires a specific set of equipment and skills to apply.

Second Generation Exteriors’ expansion provides property owners with long-term solutions to their roofing projects. The company is the exclusive provider of the Turbo-Set system in Alberta.

The Turbo-Set system creates an ultra-high reflectivity finish that improves a building’s energy efficiency while protecting the roof against ultraviolet damage. The water-based system is safe and non-toxic, compliant with volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations.

Customers can expect a detailed initial assessment which will help customers determine whether the benefits of liquid membrane roof restoration outweigh complete or partial replacement. Once a decision is made, Second Generation Exteriors deploys its expert roofing team to the project site and applies the liquid membrane coating in line with the customer’s requirements.

The company also carries out roofing inspections and roof maintenance in Airdrie and Calgary. This service allows property owners to ensure their roofing is protected against seasonal changes in weather.

About the Company

Second Generation Exteriors is a commercial and residential roofing company based in Airdrie, Alberta. The family-managed company was founded in 2014 and has since completed over 500 projects. Its full-service business provides long-term solutions on home exterior repairs, installations, and restorations.

A spokesperson said, “Second Generation Exteriors looks after the exterior of your home so you can focus on loving what’s inside. Your roof is a substantial investment, but it’s one that can provide reliable protection for decades when you have the right commercial roofing contractor working for you. We pride ourselves on small business, attention to detail, and communication.”

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