Airchamber-The original rigid frame car storage system for specialty car owners

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Airchamber USA announced the availability of their exceptional and original rigid frame, portable, indoor car storage system available at

Customers looking for a superior portable indoor car storage system are now able to purchase an Airchamber by Airchamber USA. James Edmonds, Owner/CEO at Airchamber USA has just released more in depth details about the product.

Airchamber is designed to appeal specifically to specialty car owners, who are looking, not only to protect their treasured vehicles, but who also want to show them off.

Developed in 1995 by car enthusiasts in England, they saw a need that was not being filled and came up with this ingenious method of protecting classic and luxury cars.

The most unique feature is the rigid frame – This was made part of the product, so that the internal frame maintains the shell’s shape even without the fans running. Say goodbye to damage with Zero-Touch Protection – Airchamber never touches your car. Other car storage systems rely exclusively on air pressure to keep their unit upright. With Airchamber’s unique frame, the bubble stays up, even when the power is disconnected, leaving your car untouched, undamaged and easy to access.. Customers who buy Airchamber should enjoy this particular feature because no other car storage unit can make this claim!

Airchamber USA also made sure to make their system more compact. Part of the car storage system’s development was to allow for a smaller footprint enabling car owners to use Airchamber in a standard garage. The pillars are only as wide as the frame of a camping tent leaving more room to move around an already limited garage space or to allow multiple Airchambers to sit side by side. Comparable units take up much more space and are not often realistic sizes for a two or three car garage.

Industry leading price point – We wanted to make Airchamber more affordable to more people. This is great news for the consumer as it will save them money as well as protecting their cherished vehicles.

James Edmonds , when asked about Airchamber said:

“Airchamber’s patented system circulates filtered air in and around your car using ultra-efficient fans. The rigid frame keeps it upright even without power so nothing ever touches the vehicle – drive in and out easily. Most importantly, the constant airflow virtually eliminates the risk of condensation – moisture that collects on unprotected surfaces that could cause rust and corrosion. Another key feature is keeping away small animals and pests which can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to any car.”

This is Airchamber USA’s one product, though they also supply a fun lighting kit and other items to help maintain your vehicle while in “storage”. There are many sizes available including the option of ordering a custom size to suit your needs.

Those interested in learning more about purchasing their own Airchamber or becoming a reseller can do so on the website at

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