Airbnb Of Self Storage In Phoenix Arizona Helping Homeowners Make Extra Money

The goal of this business model is to help homeowners make money off unused space within their home, without the hassle of having to physically share their private space and clean up after anyone else.

There are a myriad of opportunities for making extra money from home now-a-days, but not all possibilities are created equal or will fit people’s personal goals appropriately. An airbnb of self storage type business such as provides for a great way to make an extra few bucks each month.

StoreAtMyHouse has been the “airbnb” of self-storage for well over 10 years.

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Also known as “peer to peer” self storage, the marketplace is all about connecting people who have stuff they need to store (renters) to local homeowners or business owners (hosts) who have extra space in their homes be it the garage, attic, basement or backyard.

A high percentage of people appreciate the opportunity to make money from their unused home space by connecting with people who need storage space, often with neighbors who live in close proximity to their home. This means money can be made using the Airbnb of self storage model without the hassle of having to share or clean up the kitchen, bathroom or other facilities.

In comparison to other forms of self storage, no matter how low they drop their unit prices, they absolutely cannot compete with a location as price is an advantage, especially in the most heavily populated urban city centers.

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According to, “storing extra stuff can be expensive. One study from Marcus Millichap found that, as of 2015, the average climate-controlled unit in a self-storage facility costs $1.44 a square foot. At that rate, a basic 10-by-10-foot unit would cost $144 a month, or $1,728 a year. Sparefoot found that, in more expensive areas like San Francisco, storage space costs are nearly double that number. Budget-conscious renters looking to save money try to find alternatives. If you have an unused shed, spare bedroom, or closet, you can turn that empty space into regular, monthly income.”

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