Air Rifle Cascade Filling PCP Compact Lightweight Easy Fill System Launched

A new recharging station for pre charged pneumatic air rifles has been launched by Air Tanks Plus, the air accessories company. Called the STIKMAN, it uses a cascade feature and comes with a 48" microbore hose.

Air Tanks Plus, the accessory store for refilling pre charged pneumatic air rifles, has launched a new fill system called the STIKMAN SCBA PCP Fill System. It is an easy to use, compact and lightweight piece of kit with a cascade fill feature, a 48″ microbore hose with a female foster for quick connect fitting, and a male quick connect fitting for storing the hose when it’s not in use.

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STIKMAN is a purpose built PCP fill adaptor that separates itself from the competition because usually these devices are bulky with heavy fittings. The site explains that the STIKMAN was designed from the ground up to ensure there was no wasted space or bulk.

The 48″ microfibres hose allows customers to easily fill their PCP air rifle whether the tank is sitting on the ground, next to the shooting bench, or resting next to the product itself. The air bleed system safely blows air away from the operator.

In addition to this, the STIKMAN has a place to store the female foster fitting when it’s not being used. This helps to ensure the hose doesn’t fall into the dirt, which can cause contamination.

A full product description is available on the Air Tanks Plus website, which covers the different types of tanks that the STIKMAN will work with. It was designed to work seamlessly with the SCBA tanks that use a CGA347 or a CGA346 valve.

The unique cascade fill feature is a result of the integrated one way valve on the male foster, which means owners can use it to cascade fill systems together. They can also use the cascade man, which helps to get more useable air out of depleted tanks.

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