Air Quality Testing

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TCB EnviroCorp offers indoor air quality testing for homeowners in Northeast Florida, Tampa, and Orlando. The company also provides mold detection and remediation services to its clients.

TCB EnviroCorp, a mold inspection and removal company based in St. Augustine, Florida, offers indoor air quality testing for mold detection. The company serves residential clients in Northeast Florida, Tampa, Orlando, and the surrounding cities.

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Homeowners in St Augustine and nearby areas can now access professional air quality monitoring solutions they need in order to detect and eliminate air contaminants, including house dust, mold spores, radon gas, insulation fibers, and others.

It is estimated that most people spend 90% of their time indoors, highlighting the need for indoor air with fewer pollutants. As the company explained, contaminated air can pose serious health risks, including aggravating asthma, allergic reactions, sinus infections, fatigue, and even depression.

The mold removal specialists provide fast air quality testing services for homeowners. In addition, they offer decontamination solutions to help residential clients get rid of air pollutants, including mold, from their homes.

TCB EnviroCorp recommends that customers who want to protect their homes from dangerous air contaminants clean both the vertical and horizontal surfaces in their homes with EPA-approved anti-microbial disinfectants. They also suggest other ways to eliminate indoor air pollutants including installing HEPA air filters and UV lighting in the home HVAC system.

To test the air quality in the home, the mold experts will collect samples of the air inside and outside the home. The outdoor air serves as a control for the test. When air pollutants are detected in the indoor air above a specific level, the client’s home is said to have air quality issues.

It can take anywhere from 2 to 5 days for the test result to come back. However, clients can request express service for an additional fee. The company will provide a decontamination protocol that details the exact steps they intend to take to improve the client’s indoor air quality.

TCB EnviroCorp works with a team of dedicated technicians who constantly undergo training to ensure they not only perform their duties satisfactorily but also provide the highest quality of service to customers.

The company is licensed throughout Florida to provide mold assessment, mold remediation, and general contracting work. They are an equal opportunity employer and have been servicing the Northeast Florida, Tampa, and Orlando areas for over three decades.

A satisfied client said: “Mark was courteous and very knowledgeable. He was also on time. He was even very good with my curious kids. I would highly recommend them.”

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