Air Esscentials Provides Air Fresheners and Diffusers for Home Use

To enhance the home and enjoy a luxurious experience, please select from the line of home fragrances available from Air Esscentials. More information can be found at

Established in Miami, Air Esscentials expanded into the hospitality industry in 2005. For the past 12 years, this industry has utilized scent in their environment to have a positive impact on visitors. Guests around the world were impressed by the line of fragrances offered by Air Esscentials and wanted to have this luxury experience at home. This inspired Air Esscentials to create their exclusive line called Home Esscentials, which features room sprays, reed diffusers and seasonal collections. Seasonal collections are comprised of the best-selling aromas for each respective season. Consumers may create their own collections, allowing them to customize the range of scents used to enhance their homes. Guests can also choose from individual two ounce sprayers of Air Esscentials’ most popular scents, such as Green Tea Lemongrass and Fresh Blue. These home essential products were tailored to meet the needs of residential clients. People love the aromas that Air Esscentials makes available to hotels and resorts, and now they have the option of bringing the same sensual experience into their homes. For further details, please visit the webpage….

Air Esscentials makes it possible to recreate the experience of being at one’s favorite vacation spot. From the moment guests walk into a hotel and take a deep breath of the cleanliness that permeates the air they are moved to a different state of mind. It does not have to stop there. Whether one’s favorite getaway is a tropical beach or deep in the mountains, Air Esscentials covers a variety of fragrances such as Fresh Blue and Sensual Wood to create a similar environment right at home.

Research has shown that the sense of smell plays a significant role in the processing of memories. Any of the fragrances in the Home Esscentials line will transport a person to a pleasant space and time. Fragrances also strongly affect the mood, as smells are managed by the limbic system, which is the same part of the brain that is responsible for emotions, perceptions and memory. 75% of emotional responses are triggered through the sense of smell. The senses of sight, sound, touch and taste are controlled by the left portion of the brain, which also analyzes information. When a person sees, hears, touches or tastes something, it is analyzed first. However, when a person smells something, this immediately triggers a feeling or memory. By using scents from childhood such as apple pie, playdough or freshly cut grass, one experiences positive memories. Utilizing the proper fragrances can create a totally different reality. One’s home can become heavenly and nostalgic through the use of Air Esscentials’ high-quality selection of fragrances.

Air Esscentials fully abides by the Standards of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). IFRA Standards are the foundation of the universally accepted system for risk management and the safe use of fragrance ingredients.

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