Air Conditioning Repair Quote Service Goes Live on Home & Garden Site ESFS

ESFS, an online home renovation resource, is reporting today they have rolled out an additional service offering for homeowners in Georgia.

ESFS, an online home renovation resource, is reporting today that they have rolled out a new quote service for homeowners in Georgia. The new division focuses on central air conditioning repair and replacement, and is currently live for 37 locations across the state.

“The ESFS system caters for very specific renovation or repair requirements,” explained director Matt Aird. “Rather than broad categories, which may lead to irrelevant quotes, we focus on tightly defined project specifications that help to ensure the contractors that submit quotes to a client are the most suitable local businesses we can find.”

Most homeowners probably don’t have an air conditioner repairman on speed dial, and when such a critical piece of the home’s infrastructure breaks, there is little time for lengthy quote sourcing and comparisons. ESFS is a simple online tool that allows site users to input their project details and requirements, which are sent to multiple local contractors, all of whom can submit no-obligation quotes based on the identical specifications. The contractors and businesses partnered with ESFS are all pre-approved to ensure reliability and efficiency.

“When having an air conditioner repaired, the owner should remember to check if the work can still be done under warranty, or whether the unit requires a contractor specifically trained by the manufacturer,” Mr. Aird outlined. “The more detail a client enters into the ESFS project form, the more accurate a quote, and more suitable a contractor, they will be able to receive.”

The Georgia Air Conditioning Repair service on ESFS is currently available for many populous locations, including Atlanta and Columbus, down to quieter areas such as Kennesaw, with the goal of more locations soon to follow.

About ESFS stands for Easy Simple Fast Service and is an online service dedicated to providing customers with no obligation quotes for a variety of services including home repair and additions, interior design and decoration, cleaning, roofing and construction from pre-screened local contractors.

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