Air Conditioner Cooler Fan With Evaporator And Humidifier Portable System Launch

CeCe's Warehouse has launched a new portable air conditioner. The BestCool Air Conditioner Cooler with Fan and Evaporator Air Humidifier aims to provide consumers with a portable means to stay cool.

Cece’s Warehouse, an online company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, recently announced the launch of their 2021 model air conditioner. Their BestCool Air Conditioner Cooler with Fan and Evaporator Air Humidifier is expected to benefit consumers in their home, office, dorm room, or wherever cool air is desired.

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With the latest announcement, the company’s newest 2021 air conditioner model aims to provide a way to stay cool on the go. With summer quickly approaching, many consumers are seeking to prepare for warmer temperatures. CeCe’s Warehouse aims to make the process easier with their latest air conditioner, which is an indoor portable unit.

This latest model has a 65W Evaporative Air Cooler that features a 7L capacity water tank and two ice boxes to provide maximum cooling and humidifying. It features louvers with automatic left-right swing in 120° and a manual up-down swing to evenly spread cool air.

The unit has three fan and wind speed modes: normal, natural, and sleeping modes. The three wind speed settings allow the user to adjust the intensity of cold air blowing based on personal preference. These features allow you to precisely control the temperature to prevent getting cold while sleeping or for quick cooling on hot days.

The unit can be controlled by a touch screen and remote control and is timed to automatically turn off after 7.5 hours. A window located on the front side of the air conditioner conveniently reveals the water level at any given time. Four universal swivel casters aim to make the unit easy to move and maintain. It also has a dust filter that purifies the air to make clean and fresh, cool wind. The filter is detachable for washing after use.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “Unlike a traditional fan or air conditioner, this evaporative cooler offers better cooling with a higher wind volume, lower temperature, and the ability to also perform other functions.”

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