AIMM Featured In New Book Exposing The Risks US Healthcare Places On Businesses

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Medical management company AIMM has been recently featured in a groundbreaking work authored by the country's leading figures in business, particularly the benefits industry. This collaboration seeks to expose the hard truths about the current healthcare system and health insurance policies in the US.

The newly released book, ‘Life and Death Decisions in the C-Suite’, investigates how the American healthcare system puts patients in life-or-death situations and exposes employees and private companies to financial risks.

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AIMM and its collaborators aim to highlight how the traditional private healthcare system is broken and give healthcare providers solutions to improve the quality of patient care while lowering costs.

The cost of healthcare in the United States is dramatically higher than in other countries, for both medical services and prescription drugs. This pattern is one of the main reasons for the increasingly high healthcare spending of individuals and businesses. The book aims to change this by making healthcare more affordable across the country.

‘Life and Death Decisions in the C-Suite’ features insights, strategies, solutions and approaches from benefits advisors across the United States. Contributors such as AIMM work with thousands of healthcare organizations to find management solutions and provide better quality healthcare to organizations and employees, while also saving substantial amounts on insurance costs.

AIMM is known in the industry for its P3CM (Patient Centric Comprehensive Care Management) model. This revolutionary approach utilizes evidence-based clinical criteria and standards to integrate all parts of a patient’s healthcare and provide the most effective care possible.

The programs work by identifying patients who would benefit from individualized attention and assistance but are not currently being offered ‘best practice medicine’. Once identified, each patient is allocated to a specialist nurse who assesses how AIMM services could improve the quality of their healthcare while decreasing the cost for both the patient and the healthcare provider.

AIMM itself consists of a team of medical practitioners that are dedicated to ensuring patients get the right care at the right time in the right place for the right price. Its management programs are tailored to the unique specifications of each client, providing consultations throughout the entire process to ensure they are delivering optimal results while allowing the client to take the reins.

The medical advisors that created the book have a wealth of experience working with clients and are trusted by many to provide the best care possible. They believe that improving the quality of healthcare is the most effective way to decrease its cost.

One satisfied reader stated that: “I can’t tell you how impactful this book was to my company bottom-line. It’s a must-read for any C-suite exec or business owner who’s tired of the annual health insurance mountain climbs!”

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