Aiken County Trash Removal Hands-Free Residential Valet Service Launched

A new hands-free trash removal service has been launched by the expert team at Dumpster Depot. They provide Aiken County residents with effortless removal solutions.

Dumpster Depot has launched a new touch-free trash collection valet service for Aiken County residents. The new waste removal service is ideally suited to the current situation with the ongoing pandemic by providing an efficient and seamless service.

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The newly launched service comes as an upgrade to their existing residential waste removal service. For an additional $18 per month, local residents don’t have to worry about what day trash day falls on.

Customers also have the peace of mind knowing that they don’t have to personally take their trash to the curb. Instead, the Dumpster Depot residential workers will pull the cart from the house, empty it, and return the cart.

This hands-free solution offers new levels of luxury for customers. It’s designed to reduce stress and worry while improving efficiency. It’s also a way to ensure that more waste gets collected.

Rather than trying to remember what day the trash gets collected and rush to get everything sorted on time, families and households can rely on Dumpster Depot to manage their trash collection for them.

The new service update comes as part of their commitment to providing customers with the highest levels of service. It’s now easier than ever for Aiken County residents to maintain an eco-friendly environment.

Dumpster Depot was founded in 2004 and in that time has established itself as a leader in the trash collection and waste removal field. Their full range of services includes residential trash removal, roll off dumpster services, front load dumpsters, commercial dumpsters, and junk removal.

For customers seeking the best in waste removal and dumpster hire, a variety of size options are available. Dumpster Depot offers 10-yard containers, 20-yard containers, 30-yard containers, and 40-yard options.

The company states: “Dumpster Depot was founded in 2004 in Aiken, SC, by Norman Dunagan, to provide waste removal services for commercial and construction businesses in the CSRA. Inspired by packaging recycling at his previous employer, Frito-Lay, Dunagan set his goal to re-purpose as much waste as possible and reduce landfill dumping.”

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