Aidan Corkery EasyPi Online Traffic Course For Digital Marketers Launched

Aidan Corkery is releasing a step by step tutorial on digital branding and traffic acquisition. The course aims to help startups capitalize on the many advantages available to keen social media marketers.

Aidan Corkery, a digital entrepreneur and startup consultant, is releasing EasyPi, a course meant for newfound digital marketers and online business entrepreneurs.

More information about the many benefits on offer can be found here:

The EasyPi course helps businesses with one of the trickiest aspects of expansion facing startups today — obtaining meaningful traffic and developing a following without breaking the bank or rapidly driving up the price/cost of marketing efforts.

Users will learn how Aidan Corkery built multiple brands by leveraging the power of social media and interactivity on the many popular platforms of today. His step by step course takes users by the hand and shows them each step involved in the online branding process.

Actionable, simple, step by step instruction is a clear focus of the EasyPi marketing course. Following along doesn’t require a degree in marketing or business. The most inexperienced and novice users will take away knowledge that will impact the future direction of their social media and blog branding efforts for years to come.

Running a successful blog and developing a following on social media are both crucial to cutting through the competition in today’s ever-burgeoning and complex digital marketing industry. All businesses, regardless of size or industry, should brand themselves on social media for maximum visibility. Interactivity with clients and transparency is one of the all-important rules of digital marketing.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube have revolutionized the marketing landscape in such a way that businesses or individuals operating without a robust online presence would be at a disadvantage competitively.

Similar offerings often cut corners and promote outdated, depreciated, or outright ineffective methods of building a base of followers, such as purchasing traffic. The EasyPi course shows users how to develop an organic, highly-responsive following that will continuously provide warm leads and a sense of interactivity between business and clientele.

More information on the program, and how it aims to solve the many hassles of digital entrepreneurship for startups is available here:

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