Aid & Attendance Eligibility Screening And Online Application Software Launched

A veteran information website released a series of new resources for Veterans interested in obtaining the maximum Aid & Attendance benefits for Assisted Living or Home Care., a website offering a variety of resources for US wartime Veterans, their spouses, and surviving spouses announced new online benefits eligibility assessment and application completion software for the VA Aid and Attendance benefit that can help pay for assisted living, home care and other senior care services. Using the website Veterans can easily make an informed decision on the best way to maximize their benefits and complete their VA benefits application.

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The latest announcement aims to provide US Veterans with all the information and tools needed to access the VA benefits for senior living, assisted living, home care, adult day care and those who are private pay in a skilled nursing home.

By all accounts variations of the VA Aid and Attendance benefit have been around since the end of the Civil War. This benefit has been widely used by those needing senior care since 2003. Unfortunately for Veterans, in 2018, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), made significant changes to the benefit which for most applicants increased the number of pages needed to file a complete claim for benefits by 50%. This even more arduous application process was the catalyst for the creation of

VA Form 21-0966 (or “Intent To File”) makes it possible for veterans and surviving spouses to notify the Department of Veterans Affairs of their intent to file for benefits. Submitting the Intent To File form allows veteran up to one year to complete their VA benefit submission process. While the site discourages waiting any longer than necessary to file the completed application, in some cases, it makes sense to submit the Intent To File and then wait. This is most common in circumstances where the level of care (skilled nursing vs. assisted living) or which assisted living community is the right fit is still being determined. In these cases, the Intent To File often means thousands in additional benefits once awarded.

The website recommends submitting the Intent To File form to the VA immediately unless certain you will have the complete application to the VA before the end of the month. The VA will count the first day of the following month as the start of the claim or the retroactive date, which for many applicants, leads to one or more extra months of benefits when the claim is accepted. By contrast, skipping the Intent To File and missing the month end deadline will cost most applicants $1,228 – $2,266 in lost benefits, for some much more. Filing the VA application without the Intent To File pushes back the start date for benefits to the first of the month following when the application is received at the VA. This can cause applicants to lose the month of benefits they could have received retroactively had they sent the Intent To File immediately.

Using the the one of a kind software available on the website, wartime veterans and their spouses can discover whether or not they meet the VA’s eligibility criteria for the Aid and Attendance benefit. If eligible, veterans and their spouses can continue on the website and utilize the online application completion software to finish the 30-page application in less than an hour. The Intent To File is part of that process and can be completed in 5 minutes. When complete all documents are ready to print, get signed and submit to the VA.

With the latest announcement, the website continues to invest in the development of high-quality resources of US wartime Veterans.

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