AI SEM Software With Automated Keyword And Device Bid Adjustments Launched

Manson Media, a company based in Arizona, launches a new software capable of making automated bid adjustments to a Google and Bing SEM campaign for better ad results.

Arizona-based company Manson Media launches a new artificial intelligence (AI) technology for businesses looking to attain better performance and drive more leads and traffic through their Google and Bing ads. The company currently offers access to the SEM software at a discounted rate.

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Aptly named AISEM, the newly launched product is the perfect tool for anyone running SEM ads on Google and Bing, but lacking the time to make the necessary keyword and device bid adjustments every few days to achieve better results with their campaigns.

The AI is designed to make bid adjustments every 30 minutes and use historical data to create baselines. Even for new campaigns that only have a day’s worth of data, the software for SEM is capable of using it to make adjustments in real time.

Through the technology, businesses can maximize their ad investments, spending their budgets during times when the bids are most likely to result in leads and sales. The bid adjustments are also programmed to drive lower costs per click and per conversion.

AISEM can help businesses save hours of time that would have been spent on tweaking their SEM campaigns. As opposed to other tools that only provide dashboards for monitoring while the user still executes the changes, Manson Media’s software actively makes hundreds of changes per month.

Users may rest assured, however, that the tool will not add negative keywords to their campaigns, as they still retain full control over the choices of keywords. AISEM does not create new ads or make ad adjustments either.

As a form of support for their customers through these times, Manson Media has waived their initial $99 per month fee. The benefit stays for life for customers signing up while the offer is available.

More details on the discount can be accessed through the above link.

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