AI-Powered Sales And Marketing Conversion Optimization App Guide Launched

A new guide to the best sales and marketing conversion optimization tool has been launched. CrystalKnows is a highly accurate AI-based app that helps businesses communicate far more effectively with their sales prospects.

A new guide to CrystalKnows, which uses AI to accurately predict anyone’s personality, has been launched. It provides cutting-edge prospecting solutions to help marketers close more sales through targeted and engaging conversation.

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CrystalKnows was founded in 2015 to develop AI and machine learning to enable people to communicate better. Data proves it has an accuracy of over 80%, enabling sales teams to get a reliable assessment of a prospects’ personality before meeting them.

It provides a personality assessment that ensures the best communication approach. It can even be used to identify the best things to write about in a first email, call, or meeting. The tool provides subscribers with the confidence of knowing who they are talking to and tailoring their approach to suit every prospect.

Using the CrystalKnows service confers several key advantages in a selling situation. It enhances the chances of making a good impression on a first pitch or meeting by understanding and preparing for the best approach to make a good impression.

There is no need for irrelevant personal information because users have the information to be attentive, accurate and precise in their communication every time. CrystalKnows can also provide invaluable insights into handling objections.

The personality analysis will allow users to gauge any concerns they might raise and be thoroughly prepared to answer them in a way that they are most likely to appreciate.

Already thousands of professionals worldwide are using CrystalKnows to communicate more effectively with their potential customers, building trust more quickly through more effective and personalized communication.

There is a simple three-step process to utilizing CrystalKnows. The first step is to download the app and view friends and co-workers for free. The chrome extension can be used to view anyone’s personality on LinkedIn.

The app can used as a high-tech conversation coach as it provides personalized, situation-specific advice to communicate effectively and write persuasively. This brings a new level of confidence to cold calling or emails to build new business contacts and sales across any business.

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