AI/ML Predictive Lead Scoring Software – Revenue Acceleration Platform Launched

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The team behind, an innovative revenue acceleration platform, announces the launch of contact scoring, a new way for companies to prioritize their leads and engage customers at optimum moments. It helps companies find hidden revenue by closing more deals at higher values.

The new lead scoring system allows companies to grow their share of wallet with current customers. It makes ready-to-buy contacts easier to identify by analyzing companies’ data sources in an operationally valuable way.

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The announcement of the new system aims to help companies streamline their sales and marketing processes, shortening sales cycles and boosting revenue. Contact scoring enables marketing teams to batch their contact databases more efficiently and instantly refer top leads to sales departments.

Traditional lead scoring assigns points to contacts or prospects according to how well they match the company’s ideal customer profile. Higher scores identify leads likely to be good fits for the company’s product or service. Lead scoring systems help sales teams focus on leads with the highest chances of converting. Sales and marketing efforts can then be coordinated in a more quantifiable way.’s advanced contact scoring connects different teams’ data sets through marketing automation, CRM, product analytics, and customer data platforms. This integration allows companies to utilize data throughout the customer journey to identify timely and relevant buying signals.

Contact scoring gives rise to productive insights and analytics through machine learning, giving sales and marketing teams a better understanding of their data. It allows them to discover the behaviors of leads and prospects that drive revenue and helps optimize workflows.

To learn more about lead scoring, please visit aims to solve the problem of lead scoring by offering more satisfying solutions than those currently available in the industry. The company corrects the inefficiency resulting from quantitative marketing measures and qualitative sales measures. They improve the method of lead scoring by making it much more efficient and cost-effective.

Co-founder Armando Biondi said, “At, we want to help as many companies as possible grow as fast and as efficiently as possible. We think it shouldn’t cost you months and up to several hundreds of thousands of dollars just to hard-code the first iteration in your systems – you should be able to implement it and then iterate on it in minutes, and for free.”

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