AI Chatbot Service For Websites Facebook Pages 24/7 Customer Service Launched

A new AI-driven chat SuperBot service has been launched for websites and Facebook pages designed to help companies provide 24/7 customer support while converting more leads and increasing sales.

A new artificial intelligence (AI) driven chatbot service has been launched for websites and company Facebook pages. The Appkazoo Chat SuperBots are highly intelligent and can help businesses to increase sales by converting qualified leads.

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The newly launched SuperBots service combines smart marketing scripts with AI and human intelligence to create proactive and personalised conversations that efficiently converts visitors into qualified leads and sales.

SuperBots work 24/7, which means high-quality customer service is available on demand for companies with international customers. The Appkazoo Chat SuperBots work to engage potential leads by providing a personalised sales pitch based on the page the person is on, the time of day it is in their country, their location, the source, the referrer, the device, and more.

Interactive engagement enables the SuperBots to capture lead information incrementally during a conversation and use it to personalise the dialogue. By utilising advanced NLP algorithms, the SuperBots can understand the intent of the user’s query and reply accordingly.

Hot leads or prospects are identified using an internal lead-scoring system, which enables companies to connect their best sales reps with them in real time. This can help hot leads to get immediate attention while they are on the website or Facebook page and potentially making decisions.

Additionally, the SuperBots chat service can be easily integrated with a CRM system. Collecting lead and conversation data and sending it directly to the favoured tools can provide instant data to sales and marketing managers. It can be integrated with CRMs, email systems, payment gateways, SMS systems, security systems and more.

A company representative said: “Appkazoo Chat provides a full white-glove SuperBot creation service. We review your lead generation and sales funnels, brainstorm together how they can be improved, and then build a dedicated SuperBot for you, with the right conversation flow and integrations to reach your goals.”

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