AI-Augmented Virtual Sales Assistant Software Launched, a supplier of AI-driven virtual sales assistant services, has launched a demo to help clients’ sales and marketing teams invest in their pipelines before investing in more people.

The newly announced demo enables sales and business development teams to see for themselves the advantages of using AI-driven virtual sales services in lieu of, or in addition to, hiring more staff. The services automate tedious and time-intensive tasks like manual research and templated email delivery. With these tasks off of their plates, sales team members are free to concentrate on more impactful tasks.

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With the new demo, interested prospects can test XHumn virtual assistant system without having to invest their hard-earned dollars in it, so they can safely judge the system’s fit for their individual sales requirements.

XHumn offers virtual sales automation systems that can take care of as much as 75% of sales representatives’ usual tasks. Their systems present users with high-quality market data, a fully automated outreach program, and over 10 times more dial attempts per contact than competitors’ solutions.

With XHumn’s pipeline services, users will gain more revenue more quickly with 3 separate sets of operations: social selling, warm introductions, and pipeline as a service. Social selling connects companies with their most promising customers and spreads the word about their products and services on podcasts and TV. Warm introductions allow users to choose 500 prospects each quarter and get warm introductions to 50 of them, at minimum. Pipeline as a service consists of a DFY outbound sales program of digital ads, lead generation, dials, and customized videos.

Chad, the CEO, was inspired to found XHumn after witnessing the endless hours his sales team spent searching for prospective partners and deploying subpar messaging that just didn’t get results. Falling back on his knowledge of high-velocity sales strategies and sales acceleration technology, Chad more than doubled prospect conversion rates within 3 months and built a team of 50 sales professionals who delivered 12 to 18 meetings each month.

A happy client said, “I’ve known Chad for almost 10 years, and the companies that he has helped scale include the best of the best, including Cisco-WebEx, Riverbed Technology, ON24, ConnectAndSell, and RingCentral. XHumn enabled us to generate 173 opportunities with F1000 accounts in less than 2 quarters.”

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