Ahwatukee, Phoenix Auto Glass Windshield Replacement Shop For Your Vehicle

More information can be found on the company’s website, and customers can call and make inquiries with their helpful and friendly staff in person if they so prefer. Additionally, the company can be reached via email for further details regarding their availability and service coverage.

Arizona based Auto Glass Shop Phoenix is pleased to report that they have successfully made windshield repair and replacement a much more convenient process for their customers through the associated services they offer. The company is keen to share stories from customers who have enjoyed the benefit of this convenience, and they encourage car owners in the area to call in and inquire further about Auto Glass Shop Phoenix’s mobile windshield replacement services. Learn more at the following link: Auto Glass Ahwatukee.

According to the windshield expert, car dealerships generally do not include full windshield replacement in their service packages. They may offer to fix chips and cracks, but clients will unfortunately have to look elsewhere if their windshield suffers an irreparable crack or is shattered altogether. Local dealers, on the other hand, may suggest that a customer leave the vehicle with them so they can install a new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshield, but the actual truth may be that they simply subcontract the job to a professional who specializes in windshield replacement. As a result, the customer may end up paying this fee as well as the local dealer’s premium for their new windshield.

Auto Glass Shop Phoenix is one such specialist, and they are ready and able to skip the middleman and work directly for the customer, should the latter take the initiative and contact them first when they experience issues with their windshield. Given that there is no dealer to go through in these cases, customers often find that both the transaction and repair process is carried out much faster. The company is also able to visit customers in the Ahwatukee, Desert Foothills, Phoenix Area thanks to their mobile windshield replacement and Auto glass rock chip repair services. Learn more here: Windshield Replacement Ahwatukee.

Furthermore, a dealer would require a vehicle to be left with them for at least a few days (as they need to coordinate their schedules with windshield subcontractors). As a result, car owners will be extremely pleased to learn that taking their car directly to a reputable specialist like Auto Glass Shop Phoenix can bring that time down to a mere 24 hours. In some cases, a car can be driven away following a total windshield replacement after a single hour, depending on the type of adhesive used to set the windshield. The company encourages all their customers to discuss their schedules with them in order to learn more. For instance, the replacement itself does not take too long to complete—the company has known the process to take under half an hour. However, they strongly advise against the car being driven for a certain period as the adhesive used to set the windshield needs time to cure properly.

Chips and cracks, notably, may not require a total windshield replacement. In these cases, it is often much cheaper for the customer to request a simple auto glass rock chip repair, though they should seek their specialist’s advice on the matter before settling on a specific service. Such minor damage can happen for a variety of reasons, including rocks and other road detritus being thrown up by other vehicles on the road. However the problem occurs, the company cautions drivers against the false belief that their windshield will be fine without professional intervention. Given that small chips and cracks can be fixed for extremely reasonable fees, drivers have very little reason to delay getting their repairs. More importantly, Auto Glass Shop Phoenix can visit them at a given location to carry out the repairs on site, giving drivers a great deal more flexibility. Learn more here: Rock Chip Repair Ahwatukee.

As Paul Kealoha says in their 5-Star Google review, “I had to replace my windshield for a lease return. They came out on short notice and saved me the headache of fighting with the leasing return company. Thanks, awesome service. Will use again on my new Mercedes.”


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