aGreatLife Toys and Games Dominating on Amazon

Children's toy and game company, aGreatLife has quickly become a dominant seller on Amazon in the North America and Europe.

In the relatively brief period of time since the company’s founding, aGreatLife has become a dominant force in the toys and games sections of Amazon’s digital storefront. Although the company’s diverse line of product offerings has drawn universal praise — as evidenced by the tens of thousands of positive consumer reviews — two products offered by aGreatLife clearly stand out in the eyes of consumers.

Due to the massive popularity of aGreatLife’s best-selling products in The Huge Rainbow Kite as well as The Cube, the company has taken full advantage of the opportunity to share the ideals and values that inspired Tony Christer and Victor Vil to found what they refer to as a “brand with a mission.” When The Huge Rainbow Kite or The Cube is delivered, its arrival marks the onset of endless opportunities to create timeless memories while enjoying some wholesome family fun.

The developmental benefits associated with both The Huge Rainbow Kite and The Cube are surely responsible for the dominance of aGreatLife’s best-selling products, as parents recognize the value of any product that engages the precocious mind of youth while also encouraging the development of youthful strength and coordination. The fact that these products bring families together while also reducing “screen time” only adds to the value consumers see in aGreatLife’s products.

The company’s dominance of the toys and games sections of Amazon’s digital marketplace is further bolstered by the wide range of unique, family-friendly products available through the same storefront that already features the best-selling Huge Rainbow Kits and The Cube.

In addition to its array of vibrantly colored kites — including the Sweet Ice Cream Kite, the Diamond Kite Easy Flyer, the Pirate Kite, the Rainbow Butterfly Kite, the Huge Hotdog Kite, the Baby Dragon Kite, the Black Octopus Kite, and the Baby Octopus Kite — aGreatLife also offers brain-teasing puzzle cubes like the Cubinati Pyraminx Speed Cube, the Infinity Cube, and the Cuby 2, as well as stacking cups, chess sets, and musical instruments, among a number of other products that aim to fulfill one of the company’s core goals: Facilitating the creation of priceless memories for friends and family while also spreading a message of profound gratitude for the opportunity to bring people together and make the world a better place.

About aGreatLife aGreatLife was founded by two friends, Tony Christer and Victor Vil in 2014. When Tony and Victor started out, their passion for spreading the message of thankfulness and helping build priceless memories with friends and family, drove them to create a brand with a mission. Help families bond and make the world a better place. Today, aGreatLife has customers all over US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

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