Agile Payments Announces New SMS Virtual Terminal For Payment Collection

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SMS Virtual Terminal announced. Provides a tool for businesses to communicate with customers. 2-Way texting offers new methods to collect on payments due at the point of sale and remotely

Agile Payments is pleased to announce the release of the SMS Virtual Terminal for collecting payments and interacting with customers.

The new SMS Virtual Terminal lets businesses communicate with 2-way texting and adds the ability to securely and compliantly accept payments via credit card, debit cards and ACH.

“Many businesses are struggling with the repercussions from COVD. Having a customer or patient waiting in line to make face to face payments has become a problem. The new SMS Virtual Terminal allows customers or patients to interact via texting”, stated Agile Payments president Wayne Akey.

He further explained via an example:

“As an example consider a medical practice using an SMS Virtual Terminal. The patient arrives and while still in their car can text the office notifying their arrival. A representative can interact, address pre-office needs AND collect a co-pay. All with no face to face contact.

A very important part of collecting payments is reconciliation. If you were part of a multi-location medical group with centralized billing and collections the ability to recognize revenue to the appropriate location is very important. So much so that without a way to do this the convenience of the new SMS Virtual Terminal payment collection tool is mitigated by the extra accounting work.

The Pay by Text Virtual Terminal offers the ability to establish hierarchies. Once the cs rep is in the SMS Virtual Terminal they can simply choose which location the payment should be recorded to.”

Businesses struggling with collections are also perfect candidates to employ the new Pay by Text Virtual Terminal.

With 98% open rates and 95% read rates it’s easy to see why SMS Payment Solutions such an attractive customer billing option. Compared to traditional letter mailing and voice calls, the SMS Payment Solution offers significantly greater ROI while both increasing collected revenue and reducing labor costs.

The challenge for many small businesses has been HOW do you use pay by text messaging?

There are solutions that would enable you to upload a csv or Excel file to a solution provider. This would then kick off texts that essentially let the customer know payment is due and provide a link to click and pay.

And though this will certainly be an improvement on calling or mailing there is a lack of personalization or interaction between the business and the customer.

The SMS Virtual Terminal or Pay by Text Virtual Terminal solves this problem.

Mr. Akey pointed out “Businesses using the SMS Virtual Terminal are reporting significant upticks in connecting with customers and very importantly collecting payments due from the text interaction”

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