Age of Empires Chukonu Buy A Real One Today – Blacksmith approved

Age of Empire Renaissance Faire Blacksmith's Weapon by Micro Crossbows reviews its promise to change up the Miniature Weapons space for the better. Further info at

Micro Crossbows has reviewed the Wooden DIY Miniature Weapons world since it announced the launch of ChuKoNu Miniature Repeating Crossbow back in 2015. Micro Crossbows’s Renaissance Faire Blacksmith’s Weapon was promised to shake things up and early 2019 later, facts are in.

Previously, with even a passing glance, a person would notice our miniature crossbow is exactly how the real Chukonu is made in real life. The Chukonu Micro Weapons Executive Chairman at Micro Crossbows, Chris S, makes a point of saying “things were always going to change when we launched ChuKoNu Miniature Repeating Crossbow”.

Chris S continues… “Where you’ll likely always see our competitors doing the same old thing, we wanted to bring the Chukonu seen in Age of Empires into the real world. We do this because we believe we re-engineered the repeating crossbow into a DIY build model that works just like the real thing. Ultimately we knew it was going to be of huge benefit to our customers because they will gain knowledge of how it works, and be able to fire off six arrows in a short burst. We actually hope others follow suit.”

Micro Crossbows was established in 2008. It has been doing business for 6 years and it has always aimed to create a dozen different miniature crossbows that customers can build and fire (and collect).

Currently, the closest thing to ChuKoNu Miniature Repeating Crossbow is a plastic 3D printed version that doesn’t hold up as well, and is already assembled, but ChuKoNu Miniature Repeating Crossbow improved on this by attention to detail so that even a Renaissance Faire Blacksmith would be proud. This alone was enough to make Micro Crossbows’s Renaissance Faire Blacksmith’s Weapon more popular with customers in the Wooden DIY Miniature Weapons space, quickly.

ChuKoNu Miniature Repeating Crossbow is now available to buy and review at its website and soon at all Renaissance Faires. To find out more, the place to visit is

For further information about Micro Crossbows, this can be discovered at

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