After G20, Queensland Construction Industry Now Prepares For Influx Of New Workers

With the recently passed proposal by the G20 Brisbane Summit establishing a ?Global Infrastructure hub in Australia, there will now be an even greater number of opportunities for work in the construction field.

For the last six years, Australia has already been a popular destination for workers to find a good amount of work in the construction industry. With the recently passed proposal by the G20 Brisbane Summit establishing a Global Infrastructure hub in Australia, there will now be an even greater number of opportunities for work in the construction field.

Queensland is preparing for the arrival of a large number of construction workers to further establish and solidify the building of this hub. Job seekers who come from overseas, have recently graduated or switch to construction from another industry need to come prepared to work by first obtaining a mandatory White Card, as required and regulated by the Work Health &Safety (WHS) government body.

All potential workers in the construction industry need to participate in and successfully complete general induction training in order to obtain the required induction training ticket for construction safety. All construction workers must possess a White Card before they will be authorized onto a construction site.

The required course entitled, “CPCCOHS1001A Work Safely in the Construction Industry,” must be administered by qualified, experienced instructors employed by a Registered Training Organisation. The online versions of this course are a mix of on-line training, questions to be answered in a short answer format, in addition to a live phone assessment. Those tested willbe required to successfully answer questions regarding training topics thatinclude, but are not limited to, the identification of construction hazards,incident response protocol and reporting procedures.

Leading RTO owner Peter Cutforth stated: “During the last 18 months there has been focused scrutiny on training companies offering the White Card qualification, particular those that do so online.  Many audits have been performedin an attempt to lift the standard of the construction induction programassessment.” 

“Today, the leading online training companies provide a level of assessment rigour that Australia can be proud of” Cutforth said. “Workers arestrongly encouraged to make arrangements in advance to obtain their mandatoryWhite Card prior to applying for any type of job in the construction field, andbeing able to access the course online just makes that a whole lot easier!”.

Mr Cutforth’s training company offers a course known as White Card Online Express which can be found at

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