After Death Family Affairs Record Important Information Keeper Launched

An information record that helps individuals organize their affairs before they die has launched. The Let Family Know Keeper is an unusual ring binder that keeps important information in one place.

Let Family Know®, a company based near Tulsa, Oklahoma, provides information-sharing products that help individuals organize their information before they die, has launched an information record for families.

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The newly launched Let Family Know® Keeper is an organizational product that allows people to collate details and affairs before they pass on. By keeping a record, they help ensure their families can easily access their information in one place.

The Keeper features a sturdy, planner-sized ring binder and includes templated fill-in-the-blank pages that can be updated as the individual’s circumstances and details change. Customers will find five sections in the record Keeper, including important information, digital life, items left behind, memories and family stories, and addresses for family and friends. A downloadable digital format is also available.

Together these sections allow individuals to share their vital information, online account and password information, a breakdown of items they wish to leave behind and to whom, fond family memories and traditions, notable achievements from their lives, important contact details, and more.

The address section is enhanced with special features that go beyond what is offered by common address books.

The company says by using the record, individuals can help ensure loved ones aren’t left with a disorganized mess after their passing, and will have access to all the information they need. It can also help to prevent family discord by providing a record of what items the individual is leaving to whom and why. Detailed insight on how to use the Keeper to organize information can be found by visiting

Let Family Know is a woman-owned organizational company in the United States that helps individuals organize their affairs before they die. The company creator developed the business after experiencing the embarrassment of not having her own information organized, and the frustration and difficulty of trying to get it done. As a result, she used her writing and research skills to create the Let Family Know Keeper and a business that provides tools and “how to” tips that make it easy to get it done.

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