African Ankara Design Tube Headwrap – Women Accessories 2022 Collection Updated

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Online retailer AdGard Fashions International is updating its line of women’s and men’s fashions with the addition of a range of Ankara fabric products.

The recent expansion gives online shoppers a wider range of Ankara fabric African prints that pay homage to the vibrant textiles produced in West Africa. AdGard Fashions International features clothing and accessories for women, men and children, and also offers a line of home décor and fabrics.

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More and more people are shopping online for the specialized products they want. E-comm platforms offer more variety, more comfortable shopping experiences, and direct-to-customer shipping that means better value pricing. A recent update in collections at AdGard Fashions online store offers today’s shoppers a wider range of authentic Ankara products, including the company’s popular headwraps.

Women who prefer vibrant clothing and exciting color palettes will appreciate the range of jewelry, fabric handbags, shawls, and headwraps that AdGard Fashions offers. Learn more at

A popular product is the Design Tube Headwrap. Available in a wide variety of patterns, the headwrap is made of stretchable cotton that is suitable for customers who appreciate a polished appearance. Wraps come in two-tone and multi-tone materials for the opportunity to contrast or match favored outfits.

The men’s line of clothing and accessories includes stylish Ankara Necktie Sets that come in over 10 different designs. Options include peacock, gold brown, peach grey, tropical, and many other fashionable palettes. Customers are encouraged to pair their ties with matching or contrasting face masks for an all-over put-together look.

Those looking for children’s gifts will find a selection of fun and exciting masks, as well as bangles and stretchable head caps with twisted flower-like embellishments at the front.

AdGard Fashions Founder/CEO Christina Adenaike Gardiner says, “At AdGard Fashions International, LLC, our mission is to make everyone look and feel beautiful in styles that fit well and look fantastic from head to toe. We offer quality products at affordable prices. Welcome to my store, I hope you’ll stay awhile.”

With their recent update in collections to include a range of warm, striking, and playful Ankara-inspired African prints, AdGard Fashions has something for every shopper at prices that make mixing and matching affordable, convenient, and fun.

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