Africa And Haiti Charity Self-Sustaining Ministry GoFundMe Campaign Launched

A new GoFundMe campaign has been launched by William Lysaght on behalf of Medical Benevolence Foundation. They are providing help and aid in Africa and Haiti where it’s needed most.

William Lysaght has launched a new fundraising campaign on behalf of Medical Benevolence to provide help where it’s needed in Africa. The campaign seeks to build infrastructures and systems to raise financial support for ministries until they become self sustaining.

More information can be found at: MBF

Medical Benevolence Foundation has been supporting hospitals, clinics and nursing schools in Africa and Haiti for 55 years. Now they have a new campaign to encourage more people to donate and save lives where it matters most.

MBF is a Christ-centered organization that is dedicated to transforming lives by building sustainable medical ministries. The new campaign seeks to create a network of these in Africa.

Through long-term partnerships, MBF equips indigenous churches with tools and resources that allow them to meet the healthcare needs of the community and share the Gospel.

Their vision translates into medical ministries that can make real and lasting difference. They serve the poorest areas and strive to make an impact that can change their lives.

MBF explains that the need for healthcare and ministry in Africa and Haiti is enormous. For this reason they are opening their new campaign with a view to supporting hospitals and clinics, nursing schools and scholarships, critical health services for women and children, and spiritual ministry.

They state: “We build infrastructures and systems and processes and competencies. We help raise the financial support for ministries until they can be self-sustaining. Each program and project has a specific business plan, since the scope of activities varies so greatly.”

“We’d love to do more. But we know we can’t do everything and do it well. We do have the expertise and experience in these areas of ministry and see them as the most effective way to make a lasting difference in the lives of people we want to serve.”

Interested parties can donate through the above-mentioned GoFundMe page to help them reach their goal of $2,500.

Full details can be found at MBF

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