Affricana Art – Scary Halloween Tribal Statue/Home Decor Ethnic Print Released

With the popularity of spooky decor during the Halloween season, Affricana Art announces the release of the photograph Scary on Fine Art America. The African ethnic statue art is ideal for people looking for a unique artifact photo for creative interior design.

The newly released photograph features a wooden sculpture from Cameroon, West Africa. It can be printed on a wide variety of items to decorate living spaces and accessorize one’s life.

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One of the most recent in a series of images featured on the business’s Fine Art America portfolio, Scary comes just in time for Halloween-themed festivities. Along with having a spooky appearance, decor and accessories featuring the image will draw attention because it features a rarely seen artifact.

African Art is known to be well made, highly sought out and hard to find. Collectors are drawn to hardwoods typically used to create powerful pieces. Additionally, they appreciate the superior craftsmanship, mystic sensitivity, and spiritual connection of the artifacts.

Customers can appreciate the power of Scary through wall art as a metal, acrylic, or framed print. It can also be produced on a poster, canvas, or tapestry.

The print is available in a variety of home decor and lifestyle options. In addition, it can be featured on a throw pillow, fleece blanket, duvet cover, shower curtain, and towels for bath and the beach.

It can also be printed on a tote and weekender bag or a carryall pouch. Other accessory options include a portable battery charger, phone case, stationery, a puzzle, a coffee mug, and a yoga mat.

Apparel is available in sizes for the entire family. Facemasks with the image Scary are offered for adults.

About Affricana Art

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, the business has been involved in collecting, buying, selling, and trading fine African Art for over a decade. Affricana Art is passionate about sharing the power and passion of African Art. While the enterprise has a limited selection of hard-to-find art, its partnership with Fine Art America allows more people to enjoy the powerful pieces in its collection.

Holland Cotter from the New York Times said: “In age, variety, and beauty, art from Africa is second to none. Africa had traditions of abstract art, performance art, installation art, and conceptual art centuries before the West ever dreamed up the names.”

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