Affordable Mediation Services Offered in the North Bay Area

Common Sense Mediation offers affordable, experienced mediators to clients in North San Francisco Bay Area. Normally mediation cases end in prohibitively expensive litigation, to the economic detriment of all parties. Common Sense Mediation supplies low cost, high value process to the under-served, moderately-valued mediation market.

Common Sense Mediation Services focuses on cases that are valued below$100,000, and is committed to providing high value, efficient mediation services at reasonable fees. This Sonoma County mediation firm offers a flat mediation rate of $200/hr – far below the average mediator’s fees in Northern California. Administrative fees are comparably low to provide an affordably priced alternative to clients with modestly valued cases. Common Sense Mediation calls their unique approach Value Mediation, thereby resolving disputes to their client’s satisfaction through cost-effective solutions.

CSM has a sliding fee scale based on the value and complexity of the cases that it mediates. The Sonoma County Mediation firm fully understands that cases that are valued below $100,000 are frequently the most difficult to resolve. In response, they offer a special rate of $200/hr for those cases that ultimately settle (irrespective of the demand or previously exchanged offers) for less than the $100,000 threshold. This approach encourages the parties to be realistic about the outcome of the case during mediation. CSM urges both sides to work toward an equitable solution with an eye toward minimizing costs and limiting the risk of going to trial, where the outcome is uncertain and costs are inevitably higher.

The full value of Common Sense Mediation Services is reinforced by their highly experienced mediators. James F Demartini, Catherine D Ward, and Merrill C Haber have logged over 75 years of combined experience, nurtured by hundreds of hours of mediation training. Catherine Ward alone has mediated over 10,000 cases during the past 20 years, achieving a resolution rate of 80%. All three mediators are members of the Sonoma County Bar Association and have mediated cases involving business disputes, real estate, partnership break ups, intellectual property, employment discrimination, personal injury, and probate matters.

Common Sense Mediation offers value and expertise at affordable rates to the legal profession and the community at large.

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