Affordable Local SEO Services, Packages and Audits Offered by NextGenSEO

NextGenSEO offers affordable comprehensive local SEO services, SEO checklists, tips, guides and best-practices audits for small to mid-size businesses and professional corporations.

NextGenSEO is now offering a comprehensive suite of affordable local SEO services including free local SEO audits, tips, checklists and guides. The company is also offering affordable SEO packages geared towards small and mid-size businesses and professinal.

“With clients in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver across the entire spectrum of local SEO services.” says Bert TerHart founder and president of NextGenSEO. “Our flagship products ensure SEO best-practices, guarantee results and flat-out work for our clients.”

Given Google’s focus on local search, businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with customers. The ability to deliver highly targeted local content has spurred exponential growth in local search. According to the Local Search Association, the number of local searches quadrupled in 2012 and continues to grow exponentially. Considering that 94% of smartphone users have looked for local information and that 90% of those have taken action as a result of their search (BlueglassX), an effective local search campaign is an essential component of any marketing plan.

Businesses not taking advantage of the flood in consumer demand for local search stand to lose market share. NextGenSEO maintains that landing on the first page of Google is a sure way maintain visibility and grow brand recognition.

Beyond search, online reputation management is becoming an increasingly important aspect of any businesses’ online presence. The viral nature of social media can spell bust or boom, deserved or otherwise, for any business not aware of what the social-sphere has to say about them, their employees or their products and services. NextGenSEO offers packaged SEO services that include online reputation management to help business managers stay informed and ahead of potentially damaging social signals.

“Being proactive, as opposed to reactive, is the best way to approach ORM.” says TerHart. “We help businesses ensure that they’re transmitting all the right signals all the right ways through all the right channels. It’s the best way to stay in front of not just your competition, but social media itself.”

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