Affordable E-City Smartmotion Commuter eBike New Release For Melbourne VIC

Eager consumers in Melbourne can now experience the comfort, power, long range, and great value that the Smartmotion E-City provides. It’s many features allows the rider to rediscover the freedom and joy of cycling without pain.

New Zealand bike brand, Smartmotion, announce their affordable new Smartmotion E-City Commuter eBike to be released across Melbourne. For more information about this product, click on the link below.

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The Smartmotion E-City electric bike is not only of fantastic, affordable value, it is super comfortable and easy to ride with plenty of power from the rear wheel to get you up those hills, integrated front and rear lights, suspension seat post with extra plush seat for premium comfort, upgraded Shimano Altus 8 shifters, and a step-through frame for ease of use.

A spokesperson from Smartmotion has stated “The Smartmotion E-City is a game changer! This eBike owns its class and is regarded as the best commuter bike for under $3000.00. The E-City has a fantastic ride position and the unisex step-through frame means it’s easy to get on and off.”

Simon Vincent, a surveyor of the current market, has investigated the current interest of eBikes and how they have improved life, stating “The current interest in eBikes in Australia and overseas stems from significant improvements in the technology of electric systems. Bikes with motors to assist them have been around for decades, initially with petrol-fuelled motors and then with basic electric motors powered by lead-acid batteries.”

Additionally, this eBike features a power planetary geared rear motor, a 15.6 M power Samsung battery, eight speed Shimano gears, a suspension fork, integrated front and rear lights, and a controllable V low settle.

People often make a choice to purchase electric bikes because not only does it run entirely on electricity, thus reducing the use of fossil fuels, but also to provide the user quick, breezy rides on a vehicle that has a long warranty. The Smartmotion E-City Electric Bike provides these benefits plus more. A customer survey was taken, one of which saying “I was pleasantly surprised and grew to love this bike. The E-City is a well put-together bike with sensible componentry and what most people will want and need in an eBike.”

Anyone who has a specific question this product can contact Smartmotion Electric Bikes via their website at

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