Affiliate Marketing Social Media Networking Sales Reach Platform Launched

A new social media platform for affiliate marketers has been launched, called Affiliate Marketer Club. It provides unlimited lead generation and promotion opportunities and helps members to improve their brand image and online presence.

The Affiliate Marketer Club has launched a new online platform designed with promotion and engagement in mind. It’s created specifically for affiliate marketers looking to increase reach and generate more sales.

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The new platform is free, allowing anyone to sign up and utilize the traffic-generation solutions and Google ranking benefits. Numerous tools are in place to help entrepreneurs stand out and get noticed.

One of the primary advantages of the new free affiliate marketing social media platform is that it distributes content for its members. In a similar way to Facebook, the platform sends out a daily email to its members, informing them of who and what was posted to the main timeline.

All members that are currently logged into the platform will therefore see the posts of all other members. This increases engagement, gets more products and services noticed, and helps to increase brand awareness.

Another key feature of the platform is that members are able to create their own blogs. This gives them a space for marketing-focused content, which in turn gets picked up by Google’s algorithms and builds a stronger online presence.

Users are able to harness multiple marketing tools and solutions to get free traffic for their business opportunity or affiliate website. Furthermore, entrepreneurs can sign up in the knowledge that the platform has been built from the ground up with affiliate marketing in mind.

One of the disadvantages of traditional social media channels like Facebook is that it throttles the impact marketers can make. In doing so, they restrict the income, reach and growth of businesses and prevent them from maximizing their revenue.

The Affiliate Marketer Club strives to create an arena for entrepreneurs to grow their brand and make an impact online to generate more leads and drive more predictable sales. There is no limit to the number of posts or links that users can create.

Interested parties just have to enter their details in the sign-up form provided. Full details can be found on the URL above.

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