Affiliate Marketing Social Media Business Networking Platform Launched

A social media platform called the Affiliate Marketer Club has been launched to help affiliates promote their products and services without the restrictions of traditional social media channels.

A new business networking, promotion, and social media platform has been launched aimed at affiliate marketers. The Affiliate Marketer Club is designed to support people who work from home and earn a regular passive income by providing opportunities to promote their products, services, and offers.

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The newly launched social media-style platform provides support to affiliates who may otherwise work remotely without a network of people to ask for advice. The team behind the Affiliate Marketer Club say to be active on the platform, members simply need to initiate a ‘friend request.’

Advantages of joining the platform include the fact affiliates can share promotions for their products, services, or offers on the member’s area timeline. They can post in groups, meet new people, ask for business advice, upload documents, and more.

Engagement and interactions on the platform are encouraged, so each day at 1.30 am ET an email mailer is sent to all members. It lists all the actions completed by all group members, so if people have been busy and unable to login on any given day, they will easily be able to catch up and see if there are any products or services relevant to them.

Affiliate Marketer Club motivates its member to create blog posts that feature direct calls to action. The team say the content shared on the platform often ranks on Google, which can help affiliates gain brand visibility and awareness.

In addition, the club has been designed to help affiliates find free resources to save them paying for expensive books, courses, and webinars. The team behind the Affiliate Marketer Club aim to provide a space for affiliates to share their latest updates without being restricted by inflexible social media platforms.

A spokesperson said: “If you are actively involved in affiliate and network marketing or direct sales and you are fed up with social media sites restricting your income, reach, and growth, we have launched a platform to overcome these issues! You can create a free account with the Affiliate Marketers Platform today.”

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the link provided.

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