Affiliate Marketing Passive Income From Home Video Training System Launched

A new affiliate marketing live-coaching program and expert-led course has been launched. John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System helps more entrepreneurs to drive sales through online platforms.

A new affiliate marketing program has been launched by John Crestani, with a view to helping more entrepreneurs succeed online. It offers expert-led training, with affiliate sales tools that can be applied to any list to drive more leads and increase conversion.

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The newly launched training program has been developed to meet demand for 20 year olds wanting to make more money online. It’s also applicable to 30-45 year olds wanting more financial security, and retirees planning for their future.

Called Super Affiliate System, the program aims to streamline the affiliate marketing process. Entrepreneurs are able to learn and apply new methods for passive income generation and take actionable steps towards financial independence.

The affiliate marketing training system utilizes email marketing, video training, and live coaching to position entrepreneurs in the best place for success. John Crestani created the program to offer a quality blueprint that can be applied from home or anywhere in the world.

This allows entrepreneurs the freedom and flexibility to work when and where they want. Program participants will learn how to start their online business from scratch by using the best tools and resources to optimize their web presence.

Features include wide-ranging informational videos and “show me how” videos that walk participants step by step through the affiliate marketing process. The hands-on training provides entrepreneurs with all the tools and guidance they need to succeed in their chosen niche.

While the newly launched program can be used to generate side income in a more predictable manner, it is intended to help members make over $2,000 per week. This can be achieved through proven and results-backed methodologies, branding work, ads and more.

John Crestani is an internationally renowned expert in affiliate marketing. After reading “The 4-Hour Workweek”, he discovered a passion for selling affiliate products. Now, through the new program, he aims to help others to achieve similar goals.

Affiliate marketing can be a beneficial way for entrepreneurs to earn additional income during the pandemic. Anyone interested in finding out more is encouraged to visit the course website on the URL above.

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