Affiliate Marketing is Making Waves During the Covid-19 Crisis

Affiliate marketing has gained traction during Covid-19. People have more free time and want res ways to earn extra income. Affiliate marketing is simple, rewarding and mutually beneficial for companies and their respective affiliates.

During this unprecedented time, millions of people around the globe have experienced drastic changes in daily life. Furloughs, limited hours at work and unemployment have reached record highs and people are scared because they don’t know how they will pay their bills and put food on the table. On the brighter side, this pandemic has given everyone additional time at home and this new found free time can be used wisely to increase monthly income and create equity in a profitable affiliate marketing business. More and more people are jumping into affiliate marketing because they can earn anywhere between a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per month, by simply referring their network of friends, family and internet followers to products they love to use.

Affiliate Marketing is a type of digital marketing that has become increasingly popular in today’s online world. It is an easy and inexpensive distribution channel used by thousands of companies around the globe. Companies can offer aggressive compensation to their affiliates who promote their brand, product or service. The simplicity and earning potential from affiliate marketing is what makes it so desirable. Many people don’t realize that by casually recommending a brand or product, they are already participating in affiliate marketing – they just haven’t been paid for it yet! Affiliate marketing is widely visible on the majority of social media platforms appearing as a “post” that shares the benefits of a product or service. Oftentimes, the person creating the post (the affiliate) will create a link to a Company’s product page. When a viewer clicks on the post and buys something, the affiliate earns a commission. Most companies that offer an affiliate program will create digital assets that their affiliates can use for free.

People who are very active on social media and who have a large number of followers are typically successful when it comes to affiliate marketing. Their existing online network gives them a slight edge over someone who might be creating their first social media account. But an existing social media presence is not necessary to become a successful affiliate marketer. One way to get people’s attention is by using a coupon code or discount to attract a click and a sale. A customer always enjoys getting a little discount and the coupon code allows the company to track where the sales are coming from.

Other ways affiliate marketers promote products is through the use of banner ads, blog posts, websites, email signature blocks and direct referrals. All the affiliate has to do is copy and paste the already created ad into their feed, profile, blog, website, etc. Those ads are coded with the affiliates information so the affiliate will receive a commission should a sale take place.

Most affiliate companies offer a 15-20% commission structure and some offer extra incentives. For example, Best Life Hemp offers a 20% commission as well as monthly bonuses for sharing their products. Different companies offer varying pay structures including “pay per click”, “pay per lead”, and “pay per sale”.

One frequently asked question is, why would someone shop on an affiliate site instead of shopping directly with the Company that makes the product. The answer is easy and makes sense. Oftentimes, affiliate marketers can sell products at or below the suggested retail price because they can offer customers use of their exclusive discount codes. Plus, the customer service received is exactly the same since the Company is the one fulfilling the order. It makes perfect sense to shop with an affiliate marketer and most people do not know they ended up on a company’s website through an affiliate link. It happens naturally and organically as far as the customer is concerned.

Affiliate programs have become great marketing tools for companies around the world due to the mutually beneficial relationship between the Affiliate and the Company. The affiliate gets to promote awesome products, earn money and shop at a discount. Plus, most affiliates enjoy flexible hours from home, promoting products that they already know and love. The Company benefits because it only has to pay a commission when a product is sold and does not have the traditional overhead burden and advertising cost associated with sales. The Company’s savings allows them to offer more competitive commissions to their affiliates and reinvest back into their businesses.

Some of the hottest market segments for affiliate marketing include: beauty products, CBD products, consumer electronics, vegan food, gym & fitness equipment and personal protective equipment. Choosing which products to sell is an important decision. It is always wise to choose a product or service to sell that has meaning and value. A little bit of passion goes a long way and customers will feel it!

Everyone gets 24 hours in a day, how each person utilizes those hours is up to them. Today more than ever it is important to spend time wisely and not waste precious moments. Those people working from home have saved hours of time because they no longer have to commute 30 minutes or an hour each way. Capitalizing on this new found time gives everyone a chance to create health and wealth using the tools already in front of them. There are plenty of informative websites to help get started off on the path to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Be sure to do your homework before selecting a company to work with. Here are a few pro tips on selecting a product and company to work with. First, pick a product and a company that has meaning and importance. Does the product solve a problem or make people’s lives better? Next, make sure the commission structure is easy to understand and commissions are paid monthly. And finally, it is a good idea to check the company’s customer reviews to see how they treat their existing customers.

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