Affiliate Marketing Essential Questions Answered – Beginners Report Released

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With the continued interest in digital entrepreneurship, Fit-Preneur-Ship announces the release of their new report, 5 Burning Questions About Affiliate Marketing, In Newbies Minds, Answered. Published to advise emerging entrepreneurs, the piece is suited to anyone interested in affiliate marketing.

The new report includes guidance from an industry professional rooted in years of trial and error. Readers learn the basics of the industry, how to make a comfortable living with the career, and strategies on how to get started as a newcomer.

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One of the latest in a series of resources that educate and inspire new digital business owners, the piece provides information that is in high demand. According to, over 80% of brands are currently using an affiliate program, and the industry is projected to grow at least 10% in the coming years.

Published in both text and video, the content appeals to different ways of learning. It responds to the major inquiries new marketers have and provides straightforward advice.

In addition to years of industry experience, the author has used other resources to form the basis of the advice shared in the piece. He took many courses, did a plethora of independent research, took many tests, observed his peers who became successful, and invested massively.

The information is presented in an easy-to-read and honest format. The author is transparent about the challenges of the career path, the struggles of his professional journey, and presents strategies to help others avoid possible pitfalls.

The blog’s content appeals to anyone in the affiliate marketing industry, especially those looking to grow their skills. At the end of the piece, readers are invited to enroll in a course should they be interested in learning more. There is also an option to reach out directly to the author with questions.

About Fit-Preneur-Ship

The company was founded by Kneller Fernandes, a master mariner, lifestyle consultant, and entrepreneur. He is also the author of two health and fitness books, The Weight Loss Ladder and Drop Down 5 Pounds.

Fit-Preneur-Ship was established out of the recognition that many business owners grow tremendous wealth at the cost of their health. The company is on a mission to change the paradigm as it advocates for proper work-life balance so that business owners can thrive.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are committed to supporting budding entrepreneurs find their way by providing the resources and tools we wish we had known when we just got started.”

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