Affiliate Marketer Club Adopts Affiliate Marketers Playbook

Anton Grantham's "Affiliate Marketer Club" partners with "Internet Profits LTD" for Dean Holland's affiliate training book, "Affiliate Marketers Playbook"

Affiliate Marketer Club announced earlier today, it would be partnering with “Internet Profits LTD”. It is competing by offering a premium signature product on its platform. Before the partnership members of the Affiliate Marketer club had access to multiple tools to promote an online business. However, most members have no product or service of their own. Internet Profits LTD have the digital and physical assets, as well as the administrative capacity to offer this service to the Affiliate Marketer Club platform members. Now club members can have a business already set up. All each member needs to do now is follow simple instructions to set up their business and drive traffic to a sales funnel.

All Affiliate Marketer Club members are given the opportunity to get a free book, “Affiliate Marketers Playbook”, that explains the affiliate marketer business process. Members are only required to pay a small shipping fee.

The Affiliate Marketer Club’s main business is marketing and advertisement in a social format for all affiliate programs. We have resolved to make a strong push to be renowned for providing tools and services that will make all our members profitable. Profit Partners LTD pushed out two feature books, “Affiliate Marketers Playbook” and “The Iceberg Effect”, that will give each of our platform members a better chance of becoming super affiliates.

Anton Grantham, Founder at Affiliate Marketer Club, says: “We have so many members promoting affiliate opportunities. But most of them are making very little to no money. The few affiliates who are successful are not sharing their secrets to success. Now I am happy to say this is no longer a barrier to our members who really have a burning desire to earn money online. I am confident that members who choose to use these resources will succeed because I have already tested them and earned money”.

Affiliate Marketer Club has always made a point of trying to do things better by offering marketing and advertisement in a social format. That is why I am happy to know Profits Partners LTD has their own private Facebook Group with members eager to share their experiences and what they have learned. More importantly, the Profit Partners CEO, Dean Holland, is very active in their Facebook group.

Anton Grantham is also extremely proud of the value Profit Partners LTD provides it’s partners. They get a back office with a format for beginners. There are instructions on how to set up sales funnels and email marketing campaigns. There are also multiple training on how to promote your business using various traffic methods. Even if you have never used a computer, there are basic lessons on how to perform many functions on your PC. There are monthly live training and you have the option to acquire a personal mentor.

Those who are struggling can visit the Facebook group for guidance or contact customer support via the back office or email. The mentor option is the best accountability option out there, because typically the non-performers are those who are uncomfortable performing certain task.

Anton Grantham also said: “Affiliate Marketer Club may not be the first to do this for our members, but we all feel we’re doing it the best, so it’s my perspective. Our members are open minded adults who are creative thinkers. They are willing to invest in partner programs in order to acquire financial and time freedom. They will keep choosing us over Facebook, because we understand the obstacles affiliate marketers experience when trying to promote their business on Facebook. Internet Profits LTD gives our members a significant leg up in arming them with value they can give others on massive social media platforms.

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