AE Protect Me program saves Local Business Owners from Losing Business

AE Protect Me program can save businesses thousands of dollars in lost business due to negative comments. The sytem can also generate new business, as well

AE has been very aggressive at helping Local businesses gain awareness when customers are talking about their business and protecting a loss of customers. Both negative and positive posts must be monitored.

“AE Protect Me program is a revolutionary reputation warning service that enables business owners to be notified when someone is talking about the business and the notification is instantaneous” comments AE Protect Me Public Relations manager, John Jacobs.

Business owners are the backbone of our economic system and at times, they are unjustly degraded on the web. “AE has launched the AE Protect Me program that will scan the web 24/7 for all comments about a business and then quickly notify the owner” says John Jacobs

“AE Protect Me program is quite useful in many respects. An owner can quickly contact the person who posted negative comments and then resolve the issue or the owner can contact the person that posted positive comments and reward that customer for gaining new customers” adds Mr Jacobs.

AE Protect Me program has been reviewed from many other publications and reputation monitoring authorities and known to be a great tool to protect a business before its to late. AE has dedicated substantial amount of time in the business community helping them succeed in many ways. The AE Protect Me program is another fine example of AE’s Dedication to the business community.. “AE has helped over 1000 business already with this program and we continue to protect the business community from bogus, unjust, unmerited, negative posts to all major social media sites, blogs, web, complaint sites and review sites” comments John Jacobs.

For More information about the AE Protect Me program, please go to the link below and fill out any of our forms then a local rep will send an information package.

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