AE Marketing Upgrades Video Marketing Platform

AE Video Marketing services offers an excellent way for local businesses to increase sales by utilizing this revolutionary platform. The upgrades to the platform allow for more personalized video creation, deeper penetration to the market.

AE Advertising and Marketing has announced a new upgrade to their popular Video Marketing Platform and 1st Page Video Google Ranking service for Local Business.

AE Video Marketing focuses on a revolutionary approach to increasing Local business owner sales via intense video marketing strategies and designs coupled with the AE 1st Page Video Google Ranking service. “The upgrade in our platforms gives us the ability to better serve local business owners” says John Jacobs, PR Manager

“Video creation – The proper video creation in relation to the type of local business is paramount. There are 5 different types of video productions to fit the needs of the business and attract the customers they are looking for on a daily basis…the addition of 400 new videos and 6 different types of add ons, allows a more personal experience for the viewer” adds John.

Videos are continuing to become more popular way for local business to add tons of exposure, AE has taken this to the next level. “Google has long been a source for consumers to find local businesses, service or products that they need….So we developed a way to get our clients in front of local customers when searches are made. Having a Video smack in front of them on the 1st page of Google leads to more calls to the business…win win for all involved” Continues, Mr Jacobs

Videos need to touch the potential viewer personally. Therefore, designs and messages with in the video need to be professional, credible, eye catching and informative. “AE has pre templated versions of many style videos for each niche. Styles include whiteboard, animated, spokesperson, slides, full motion commercials. All templates can be customized with the clients needs, personal information, and particular bells and whistles desired” confirms John Jacobs

A full list of video samples can be seen at:

All 1st Page Google Video Ranking services can be seen at:

“AE Advertising and Marketing has worked hard on our continual efforts to rank local businesses on the first page of google. Our clients become the number one source for their industry. Our video creation contributes to first page ranking and our constant computer technology and staff ensure continual ranking of local businesses. AE found it necessary to keep up with the Mobile revolution because people are always googling their way to their next purchase.”

Current customers interested in learning more about the upgrade can do so directly on the website at New customers can also use the site to purchase the latest version of 1st Page Video Google Ranking.

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