Advanta Supplements New $35 Rapid Teeth Whitening Kit Includes Unlimited Refills

Advanta Supplements introduces the only teeth whitening kit that comes with free lifetime refills on whitening solution

Coffee, tea, cola and wine lovers, smokers, people with discolored teeth due to tetracycline (antibiotic) staining, and everyone else who wants to rapidly enjoy a brighter, whiter smile can now purchase the new Teeth Whitening Kit from Advanta Supplements for $35, and receive an unlimited supply of teeth whitening solution, so they can re-whiten or touch up their teeth whenever they wish. It is how to whiten teeth quickly and keep them white. 

Advanta Supplements Teeth Whitening Kit includes everything that people need to professionally whiten teeth in the comfort and privacy of their own home, including: two 10cc syringes of 35% carbamide peroxide, one dental tray for both upper and lower teeth, and an innovative Teeth Whitening Pen that allows for convenient Ã…“teeth whitening on the go in between applications.   

Our 35% carbamide peroxide solution has been shown outperform whitening strips and provides the whitest teeth in the shortest amount of time, commented a spokesperson from Advanta Supplements. In their view, it is the best teeth whitening solution available, and an ideal way to rapidly enjoy a dazzling style — and maintain it for years and years, thanks to their unlimited supply of teeth whitening solution.

Advanta Supplements Teeth Whitening Kit is available now on at It is currently priced at $35, which is 72% off the list price of $89.99. Customers can also take advantage of Advanta Supplements 60 Day money-back satisfaction guarantee if they do not experience the rapid whitening benefits they desire.  

This Amazing Teeth Whitening Kit comes with everything to get teeth white and more importantly keep them stain free. It includes two 10cc syringes of 35% carbamide peroxide, one dental tray for both upper and lower teeth and an innovative Teeth Whitening Pen that allows for convenient teeth whitening on the go in between applications, and unlimited refills of teeth whitening solution.

For a limited time Advanta Supplements is offering $20 off this amazing teeth whitening product.  Amazon customers should use the teeth whitening coupon code of TEETHADV when checking out.

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