Advanced Cell Therapy Designed to Benefit Any Dog in Need; On Sale 03-01-2015

Pet Stems announced the availability of their new Advanced cell therapy designed to benefit any Dog in need of nutritional intervention. Pet Stems beginning 03-01-2015.

Customers looking for the latest Advanced cell therapy designed to benefit any Dog in need of nutritional intervention. Pet Stems are designed to appeal specifically to Animal owners and includes:  Pet Stems Cell Therapy to support normal immune function regarding chronic viral, degenerative, congenital, and allergic conditions. 

A wealth of peer reviewed basic science and clinical publications around the world document the mechanism of action and efficacy of cell therapy.

Pre-launch program – receive info about how to be the first people to get access to revolutionary new product. Investors will receive special pre-launch pricing as well as many more great benefits.

100% safe. – Simulates stem cell mobilization of damaged organs (e.g. liver for liver, heart for heart, etc.

Liz Mead, Marketing Director of Pet Stems, when asked about Pet Stems said:

Pet Stems are formulated to treat deceased cells of diseased organs, cells that are damaged or not functioning properly, and revitalizes “dormant” cells where indicated. Pet Stems uses “healing cells” (internal medicine cabinet) to direct crucial growth factors to repair, regenerate, and restore damaged cells and organs.

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: stem cell therapy for pets

Here is a little bit more information on pet-stems:  Stem cells are distinguished from other cell types by two important characteristics. First, they are un-specialized cells capable of renewing themselves. Second, they can become tissue or organ-specific cells with special functions. In some organs, such as the intestines and bone marrow, stem cells regularly divide, repairing or replacing worn out or damaged cells. In other organs, such as the pancreas and the heart, stem cells only divide under special conditions.

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