Ads4earth Launch; Unites Climate Conscious Consumers, Brands, Nonprofits & NGOs

Ads4earth, the First Social Media Advertising Platform that Unites Socially Conscious Consumers, Advertisers, Brands, Nonprofits & NGOs Launches. The platform's 24-Hour Twitch Livestream includes Climate Activist Alexandria Villaseñor, TikTok Stars from The D'Amilio Family, & More.

April 22, 2021, Visalia, CA – Tech startup, Ads4earth, the first social media advertising platform that unites socially conscious consumers, like-minded brands, advertisers, nonprofits, and NGOs, launches on Earth Day with a 4Earth 24-hour Twitch Livestream.

On April 22, the 4Earth 24-hour Twitch Livestream marks the beginning of consumers’ ability to redirect advertising dollars from companies to the environmental causes they care about most. The event will feature several social changemakers, including climate activist Alexandria Villaseñor, Michael Le, and TikTok stars from the D’Amilio family (@charlidamelio, @dixiedamelio, @marcdamelio @heididamelio) who will promote their favorite charities and discuss their activism while raising funds for the organization. There will be a live Counter for each guest during the event to encourage friendly competition, and final figures will appear on the company’s site. The donation goal for this event is $1 million.

Through their global cross-platform social media app, 4Earth, the company addresses the mindset of today’s socially conscious consumer’s purchasing behavior, focusing on the social responsibility of the brands they interact with and rewarding those who meet their expectations. The goal of 4Earth is to turn consumers into influencers with a say in how advertisers reach them and their message.

“We seek to build a regenerative economy, with inclusive, multigenerational benefit built around a healthy planet,” said Gold Hood, CEO of Ads4earth. “Anyone can be part of this mission and join 4Earth’s “Reclaimers” as we reclaim the value of our attention away from the tech oligarchy and make every business a part of the solution to save the planet.”

Brands that interact with the community earn influence through an activity that results in direct donations to nonprofits like Rotary International, Hollywood Food Coalition, EcoSchools Canada, 5Gyres,, FishCat, and more.

In return, Ads4Earth provides valuable focus group/market research-level data to their partnered brands. Working with Ads4earth, brands generate more meaningful consumer engagements, enabling their audience to redirect ad dollars toward saving the planet!

“The Ads4earth model is not just about money for the sake of making money. It is about implementing a sustainable ecosystem that benefits advertisers, brands, consumers, nonprofits, and investors alike,” said Tom Barnhill, CFO, Ads4earth.

Funded by investors, Ads4earth is all about creating holistic system change. The Full Value of investment is recognized immediately with a transferrable system. Investment in the company is the equivalent of buying into the pre-seed round at a 99% discount. Liquidity is realized quarterly through royalty payments, allowing investors to avoid waiting for an exit strategy to unfold.

The Twitch Livestream can be found here:

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