Adrian Cave releases a brand new video channel called “Adrian Cave”

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Adrian mentioned that he will be making more videos for this channel in the same manner in the coming days, weeks, and months, and hopes that the content he produces is historically correct.

Listen to and relax to a beautiful and relaxing music score, an absolute delight for anybody’s ears, while watching some of the most iconic and vintage images from the World War One archive. also haunting images from the past, some rare, some iconic, and some moments that have been caught in time and have left an image for all to ponder over. Follow this link to the channel to find out more:

If you like your history and reading about times gone by, then there is nothing like an old and rare photogragh, It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words, and with vintage photographs, this statement is 100% true. You can travel back in time to the eras of your ancestors to see how they lived and the hardships that they had to endure. These pictures and photographs depict a very different life to what we have now, I constantly hear the words, we have a hard life, and for some – like living on the streets is probably true, but for most with their big houses and salaries, they think they have a hard life because they have to work 8 hours, well, look at some vintage photos and then come back with the same statement – these images will change your mind forever.

The Adrian Cave channel was released in a small press meeting this morning.

Speaking to the media Adrian stated that “It’s all about listening to some really relaxing and, soothing, calming music to some of the most iconic, vintage images from years gone by, some forgotten and some lost”

Adian also stated that “some of the videos on the channel will be from World War One and Two, black and white and also color images”

He further added “All of the videos on the channel will be of good content with the most beautiful sounds to compliment the images”

Release ID: 89064985