Admissions Workforce Remote Work Staff Retraining Productivity Guide Launched

A new guide to remote work retraining for admissions staff has been launched by Engine Systems. They provide bespoke packages to help admissions professionals learn, develop and grow.

Engine Systems has launched a new guide covering the importance of retraining a workforce to improve efficiency and reliability in a remote environment. It highlights the benefits of remote workplace-focused training, and the different programs they can offer to help.

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The newly launched guide explains that the notion of remote work has been in place for years. However, the development of the pandemic and the impact it has had across the world has led to remote work rising in prominence.

For companies across sectors, the need to become resourceful and act quickly in order to save jobs has forced employers all across America to develop remote work solutions. The new nationwide remote work approach has been a success, and projections show that around 42% of workers now work from home.

Once the pandemic subsides, it’s likely that many of these staff will continue to work from home for the flexibility, productivity and cost-reduction benefits it offers. However, there are still unique challenges that all businesses must face to thrive in this new environment. This is where the new guide from Engine Systems can help.

Their focus is on providing expert-led retraining programs to give employees new skills needed to adapt to a remote workplace. This involves learning new technologies, procedures, software and more. It’s a chance for employees to continue their education and develop their skills in the most effective way.

Of particular interest to the new guide is admissions workforces across the country. The admissions sector has unique challenges to face with remote work, because so much of the role revolves around corresponding with students.

The guide states: “Your admissions team faces unique challenges when it comes to working remotely. Admissions and recruiting rely heavily on the ability to connect with potential and new incoming students. This means that your admissions personnel must be able to still make meaningful connections and effectively convey the value that your institution offers virtually.”

Engine Systems offers an Admissions Accelerator program that includes a live two-day intensive, teaching the keys to lead generation and mastering phone conversations. They also provide an Accelerator Training and Development program across four months.

Full details of these solutions and the benefits they provide can be found on the URL above.

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