Adjustable Dumbbell Benefits Home Workout Muscle Development Site Launched

A new workout site has been launched with a focus on adjustable dumbbells. These save space around the home and offer a flexible workout that’s easy on the joints and aids in muscle development.

A new site has launched dedicated to adjustable dumbbells, offering insight, information and guidance on everything gym goers could want to know about the equipment. Adjustable dumbbells are useful because they offer the same benefits as traditional weights, but are just a single unit compared to a set.

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The site offers a wide range of articles and content pieces on adjustable dumbbell use, how to get the most out of them, and what workouts are best. Recent posts include the best adjustable dumbbells available on the market in 2018, the top 10 exercises everyone should know, and more.

Adjustable Dumbbell Guru highlights that while traditional fixed weight dumbbells are great for letting users to strength training at home, and offer a cost-effective option, they are held back by working with different weight plates.

These plates are secured in place with a clamp or a bunch of different fixed weights, meaning users need different pairs to increase or decrease resistance.

What makes adjustable dumbbells unique is that they can be adjusted as and when it’s needed. This means that they take up way less space than their fixed weight alternatives. Customers looking to save space or those limited in their space should consider them when looking to workout at home.

There are a number of other benefits to adjustable dumbbells for home workouts. For example, the adjustable nature makes them highly flexible. With just a quick turn or setting change, customers can modify an adjustable dumbbell very quickly.

Adjustable dumbbells are also friendlier on the joints than traditional dumbbells. They provide equal work for both limbs, and aid in muscle development because they require more stabilizing while in use.

The site states: “Traditional dumbbells have loads of parts, they usually increment starting at five pounds going all the way up 100+ pounds. That’s lot of weight and that’s a lot of gear sitting around. Investing in adjustable dumbbells on the other hand, saves you money and offers different weights at the flick of your wrist or the moving of a pin.”

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