Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Therapy is an Ethically Sound Alternative to Healing

Patients shouldn't have to opt for invasive surgeries or rely on pain medication to treat chronic pain. Adipose-derived stem cell therapy is a safe, commonly effective procedure that works alongside the body to eliminate pain and spur healing.

Adipose-derived stem cell therapy may be the new frontier for healing. It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical option that doesn’t require a patient to rely on costly prescription pain medication to ease their chronic pain and help them pave their way to a happier, healthier life. Chronic pain affects millions of Americans and keeps them from fulfilling their daily goals and even prevents them from participating in basic day-to-day activities. Naturally, this reduction in quality of life leaves people frustrated and burnt out. Many turn to expensive surgeries that could leave them bedridden for lengthy periods of time. Others rely on addictive pain medications that allow them to simply mask their underlying pain without truly treating the root causes of why it’s happening.

Luckily, alternatives do exist. Numerous healthcare providers are becoming more and more well-versed in stem cell therapy, especially adipose-derived stem cell therapy, which is an ethically sound, non-invasive alternative to the above procedures and medications. Medical breakthroughs in the fields of regenerative medicine and stem cells have made these treatments a reality for numerous patients and the field will only continue to grow. Plus, since adipose-derived stem cell therapy utilizes stem cells harvested from a patient’s own fat cells, which eliminates the moral dilemmas of other stem cell therapy procedures.

Since the stem cells are harvested from a patient’s own body, that means that there isn’t any risk of immune system cellular rejection which ups the safety of the procedure, especially when compared to surgery. Another benefit is that adipose-derived stem cell injections are a same-day procedure that shows results typically in four to six weeks, meaning fast relief for chronic pain sufferers. No patient should have to live a life while suffering from constant pain. Stem cell therapy could be the ideal alternative.

The Physical Medicine and Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky specializes in adipose-derived stem cell therapy and other regenerative medical procedures. For patients in Florence, KY or Cincinnati, OH who are interested in stem cell therapy and want to live a pain-free life without relying on prescription medication, contact the Physical Medicine and Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky today!

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