Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Therapy is a New Alternative to Pain Treatments

Adipose-derived stem cell therapy is a revolutionary new procedure that utilizes a patient's own fat and adipose cells to promote internal healing and help them combat numerous conditions, such as a chronic pain.

Adipose-derived stem cell therapy is a revolutionary new treatment that utilizes adult fat or adipose cells, which are then re-injected into the donor’s body for the purpose of helping the body repair its own damaged or degenerative cells. By taking advantage of advanced techniques and medical technologies, adipose-derived stem cell therapy can offer a patient numerous benefits, all while remaining ethically sound since the cell donations are elective. Qualified patients in Cincinnati, Ohio may be able to take advantage of these developments in stem cell therapy by consulting with the Physical Medicine & Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky, conveniently located a short drive away in Florence, KY.

Another benefit to a stem cell procedure like adipose-derived stem cell therapy is that it is typically performed as a quick and easy outpatient procedure. Though patients may need further injections depending on the condition they are seeking to get treated as well as its severity, the procedures are simple and since the cells are being harvested from the patient’s own body, there is little risk for any adverse affects or negative complications. It also eliminates the ethical concerns that were initially raised by outdated stem cell harvesting methods, which means patients can rest easy when they are opting in for an adipose-derived stem cell therapy procedure.

For Cincinnati patients that are suffering from chronic pain conditions and are interested to find out if they may be qualified or eligible for an adipose-derived stem cell therapy procedure, a consultation with the Physical Medicine & Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky is in order. Their expertly trained staff offers free initial consultations to learn more about each patient and craft the ideal treatment plan. Contact them today with any applicable questions and to set up an initial appointment. They are eager to hear from new patients and help them learn more about stem cell therapy procedures.

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