Adelaide SA 4WD Aluminium Ute Trays/Canopies – New Workshop Opening Announced

Cairns-based Norweld (1300-302-899) has announced the opening of its new workshop in Adelaide, South Australia, which will provide a range of trays and canopies for four-wheel-drive vehicles.

The announcement follows Norweld’s expansion to a new location in South Australia. The Australian vehicle accessories company currently has workshops in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

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Norweld’s announcement will be of interest to ute owners who are looking for reliable outdoor vehicle accessories made with high-grade materials.

The company develops its range of canopies and trays using state-of-the-art techniques that emphasize quality and longevity. Along with its in-house designs, Norweld partners with top brands, including Multidrive, Creative Conversions, and JMACX to develop unique products for any outdoor vehicle.

The manufacturing process for each design includes several weeks of research and development to ensure quality and precision. With local partners on four continents, the company is able to deploy its range of canopies and ute trays in difficult terrain and environments to test its resilience.

Norweld’s network of locations ensures that customers in major cities have easier access to its services. This advantage is further supported by its streamlined customer service system, which completes all fittings for the customer’s vehicle in less than a day.

The company offers various options for delivery once the trays and canopies have been constructed. Customers have the option of either picking their order up from the designated location or having it delivered on secure custom pallets that protect from damage.

About Norweld

Founded in 1971, the company is one of Australia’s top manufacturers of outdoor vehicle accessories. Over the last 50 years, Norweld has grown a strong reputation for developing reliable products that are popular around the world. The company also has a long history of community development projects that include several local sponsorships and grants.

A spokesperson said, “Norweld has a proud history of making our customers’ dreams a reality. Through years of research and development at our head office in Cairns, we have strived to develop the ultimate tray and canopy packages. Designed and manufactured by Australians, we use the highest grade materials with cutting edge manufacturing techniques to build the toughest products in the country.”

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